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Web Design Services & Rates

This information is provided to help you understand how our web site design contracts work. We look forward to discussing it with you! If you have additional questions not answered here, please email or complete the form on the Contact page.

NOTE: Sunstruck Multimedia is NOT accepting new web design contracts at this time.

Price Schedule (subject to change):
Initial Consultation: No charge
Arrange for Domain Name and Web Hosting: Cost determined by provider chosen
Site Design and Setup: $200.00 - Includes: template deign, style sheet, 3 pages based on same template, menu/navigation, title graphic, background image, text content, search engine optimization, monthly submission to Google and Yahoo, monthly stat report (if available)
Additional Charges: custom graphics, $15 each; photographs, $10 each (print), $5 each (digital); multimedia (sound or video), $20 each; additional templates, $20 each; additional pages (includes PDFs, photo enlargements), $10 each; special effects (DHTML), $15 each
Ongoing Maintenance: OPTION A: $30.00/hour; charged only when updates are made, $15 minimum; OPTION B: $50.00 annually for all text updates (non-refundable if contract cancelled by client before its expiration date), plus $30.00/hour for all other updates (pictures, site redesign, etc.)

The Web Design Rate Worksheet is a tool you can use to estimate how much your new web site will cost. The worksheet is a PDF form that you can download and save, print, and fill in the blanks with your numbers. The form will calculate the cost for you!

Download the Web Design Worksheet PDF Form (requires Adobe Reader).

What we do:

Custom site templates
Style sheets
Navigation menus
Hyperlinks, email links
Image maps
DHTML scripts
Scanning pictures and documents
Preparing and optimizing photos and graphics
Background sound
Form mail
PDFs / PDF forms
Arrange for domain name registration
Arrange for web site hosting
Optimize for search engines
Submission to search engines

What we do not do at this time:

Flash animation (coming in 2006!)
Streaming video (coming in 2007!)
Database applications
Secure sites
Web Hosting
Logo Design

Some things to think about:
Layout of your site – what do you want it to look like?
Structure of your site – how many pages do you need and how do you want them organized?
Navigation – top of page or left margin, or some other format?
Tone/Mood of your site – warm, fun, professional, high tech, etc.?
Color Scheme – bright, pastel, warm, monochromatic, black & white? Corporate colors?
Who is your target audience and how can we attract them?
What keywords would someone use to search for your site?
Do you need to add links? Email links? Form mail?
Do you have a company logo or pictures to use on your site?

Some things you should know:
We use a simple contract; term is normally 1 year, but we are flexible to meet your needs.
You will receive an end-of-the-month invoice for any services performed during that month.
Payment is due net 30 days. Payment received more than 30 days in arrears will incur a late fee of $5.00 or 15% of the invoice, whichever is greater.
A deposit of $200.00 is required at contract signing. Any balance will be due when site is complete and approved by client.
If Maintenance Option B is chosen, the annual text update fee will be included on the first invoice under the contract each year.
For any work done in one day, the minimum charge is ½ hour ($15.00).

Please be prepared to discuss the above at our initial consultation.

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